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Gone are the days of old boring back-to-wall toilets, now it is the turn of modern stylish wall-hung toilets. These designer toilets are great examples of precise functionality as well as untamed beauty that lend a trendy look to your restroom.

Sunwin brings to you a luxurious collection of wall hung toilets. With modern rim technology, our wall-mounted toilets promise exceptional portability and sturdy appeal. So let's explore the beautiful world of revolutionizing bathroom sanitary with Sunwin Ceramica.

Wall Hung Toilet Collection

What Is a Wall-hung Toilet?

A wall-hung toilet is a bathroom fixture that is attached to the wall instead of being placed on the floor like a regular toilet. It's a sleek and modern toilet design where the toilet bowl seems to "float" above the ground. It looks cool because it's suspended in the air, and you can't see the bottom part.

The wall-hung toilet is connected to a sturdy frame that's hidden inside the wall. This frame supports the toilet and keeps it securely in place. The pipes for flushing and draining waste are also hidden inside the wall.

Benefits of a Wall-hung Toilet

Space-Saving: Wall-hung toilets make bathrooms look bigger because they don't take up as much floor space. This is great for small bathrooms.

Easy to Clean: Since they're not sitting on the floor, it's easier to clean around and underneath them. There are fewer nooks and crannies for dirt to hide.

Modern Look: Wall-hung toilets have a sleek and modern appearance, giving your bathroom a trendy and minimalist vibe.

Accessibility: Some people like them because they can be installed at a height that's comfortable for them, which is great for people with mobility needs.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Installation: Setting up a wall-hung toilet can be a bit trickier and might need a professional's help.

Cost: They tend to be more expensive than regular toilets because of the special mounting and plumbing.

Maintenance: If something goes wrong with the hidden plumbing, it can be harder to fix, so maintenance might be more complicated.

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