Wall-Hung Toilet vs. Floor-Mounted Toilet: How To Choose The Right One

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Wall-Hung Toilet vs. Floor-Mounted Toilet: How To Choose The Right One

Toilets in the bathroom are very important for both usability and appearance. So choose it very carefully. The most topped choices between toilets are the wall-hung vs floor-mounted toilet. Both of those have a debating set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

So with this blog, we know the key differences between wall-mounted vs floor-mounted toilets in multiple terms to help you make an informed decision.

Wall-Hung Toilet vs. Floor-Mounted Toilet: 8 Steps in Making the Right Choice

1. Appearance

When it comes to bathrooms the toilet's appearance greatly impacts the overall aesthetics. The modern wall hung toilets are praised for their sleek look and modern design. The toilet is suspended above the floor, creating an illusion of space posing a spacious bathroom.

The comparison with floor-mounted toilet is simple. The floor-mounted ones have a more traditional appearance with a bulky in comparison. Looking for a toilet with a contemporary and minimalist design, a wall-hung toilet might be the better choice.

2. Height

The comfort and accessibility of a toilet are determined by its height. Wall hung toilet designs be customized to a height that suits your needs, making them a good option for people with mobility issues. Floor-mounted toilet typically have a standard height, which may not be ideal for everyone. Consider your family's needs and any potential users with specific requirements.

3. Space

Space in your bathroom is precious and the choice of toilet makes a significant difference. The wall-hung toilet, under being suspended, frees up valuable floor space. This is especially advantageous in smaller bathrooms where every inch counts. Floor-mounted toilet comparatively is known to take up more space and make the bathroom feel cramped.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning is a necessary chore at any place, and the design of your toilet impacts how easy or difficult it is to maintain cleanliness. Wall-hung toilet have an advantage here because they are elevated, making it easier to clean the floor underneath them. Floor-mounted toilets have a base that touches the floor, making it more challenging to clean around and under them. However, with proper cleaning tools and techniques, both types be kept clean and hygienic.

5. Installation

The installation process for wall-hung and floor-mounted toilet differs significantly. Wall-hung toilet requires a sturdy and appropriately reinforced wall to support their weight. This be more labor-intensive and may require professional installation. When the floor mounted toilet installation is easier and typically costs less when compared in terms of installation expenses.

6. Repair

In the event of a malfunction or the need for repairs, floor-mounted toilets are generally easier to access and service. Wall-hung toilets, due to their suspended nature, may require more complex and time-consuming repairs. Consider the long-term maintenance and potential repair costs when making your decision.

7. Maintenance

Both types of toilets require regular maintenance to ensure they function properly. Wall-hung toilets may require additional attention to their mounting hardware and brackets. On the other side, Floor-mounted toilet may need occasional sealing around the base to prevent leaks. Be prepared to invest time and effort into maintaining your chosen toilet type.

8. Price

Finally, the price is a significant factor in your decision. Wall-hung toilet tend to be more expensive than floor-mounted toilet, both in terms of the fixture itself and installation costs. Floor-mounted toilets are generally more budget-friendly, making them a popular choice for homeowners with cost considerations.


In the potential debate put through between wall-hung toilets and floor-mounted toilets, the answer lies in one's personal preferences. Such as bathroom size, budget, and accessibility requirements.

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom space has several factors to consider with respect to personal preferences and modern aesthetics. Carefully weigh these factors to make the right choice for your bathroom and enjoy a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing toilet for years to come.

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