10 Creative Ways to Use Kitchen Tiles for Decor

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10 Creative Ways to Use Kitchen Tiles for Decor

In recent times modern home kitchens are becoming more fashionable and trendy with the arrival of versatile interior options such as kitchen tiles. From an array of designs, backsplashes have become one of the most unique design ideas for homeowners for using the beauty of these tiles. But do you know there are tons of different creative ideas that can go brilliantly well with kitchen tiles for creating an elegant and sophisticated look in your kitchen? Have you ever tried to explore these designs? If not, then this blog is for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the fantastic decor ideas for using kitchen tiles to elevate the overall appearance of your kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

10 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen Tiles

1. Curved Tiles

Curved Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also available in curved look designs. You can give them an organic curve and establish a striking ambience in your kitchen. These porcelain curved design tiles can cut the monotonous appearance and create a sense of movement in the space. Use different colour combinations of the walls and floors for a more lively ambience.

2. Unique Subway Patterns

Unique Subway Patterns

Classic subway tiles have a brick layout, however, you can go out of the box and try out different layouts for a beautiful appearance. You can experiment with the diagonal layout of subway tiles to introduce some patterns into your kitchen. It makes your kitchen visually stylish and interesting just like the flavours in your food.

3. Mini Hexagons

Mini Hexagons

Want to try out a fusion of retro with modern? Small hexagon mosaics can be a tremendous idea. Using geometric patterns in decor always adds visual vibrancy to the space as it always attracts the eyes of visitors. Executing the classic small hexagonal tiles with different colour combinations can build a trend-setting ambience in your kitchen and add some spices to your decor.

4. Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents

Metallic look tiles build a flourished and luxurious appeal in kitchen spaces. It is a perfect choice for contemporary decor, especially in modular kitchens. Their sleek and polished appearance builds a luxe atmosphere in the kitchen. Moreover, the reflective nature can create an illusion of extra space too.

5. Timeless Herringbone

Timeless Herringbone

Herringbone is a classic design and you can never make it out of the game when we are discussing the creative transformation of your kitchen. You can arrange subway tiles in a zigzag pattern to create the old yet stylish herringbone pattern. It adds a sense of depth and visual contrast to the space.

6. Majestic Stone Slabs

Majestic Stone Slabs

Want to build a premium look in your kitchen, how about the stone look tiles? Mimic the beautiful appearance of rugged rock stones with stone look porcelain tiles. You can install them on floors, countertops, and backsplashes for building an ambience that connects you with nature. The expansive surface of stone slabs minimizes the grout lines and creates a cohesive appearance in the room.

7. Sleek Grey Tile

Sleek Grey Tile

Grey tiles are one of the most versatile options for any of your spaces & can create a unique atmosphere right in your kitchen. The subtle and neutral tone seamlessly blends with the other decorative elements and adds a collective appearance to the space. You can try a fusion of different colours with grey to achieve a personalized appearance.

8. Playful Checkerboard

Playful Checkerboard

Classic Checkerboard designs are timeless, but how about adding some creativity to this classic pattern? You should try playful colours to build a joyful ambience in your kitchen. Try out combining vibrant colours and grid patterns for a striking appeal. It will transform your kitchen from a flavourless space to an eye-catching focal point.

9. On-Trend Picket Tile

On-Trend Picket Tile

Picket tiles are elongated hexagons that can add a contemporary edge to your kitchen. Their unique appearance is a good alternative to classic layouts. It will help you in creating a fresh look for your kitchen. Moreover, using hexagonal tiles with diagonal layouts can build a stand-out look too.

10. Create Accent Wall

Create Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is another marvellous way to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Accent walls infuse glamorous wall design and trend-setting patterns to elevate the visual impact of your kitchen and transform it into a culinary heaven. Have a look at these creative ideas for your all-new accent wall.


In summary, we can say that kitchen tiles serve you with a magical realm of creative design for an enhanced look and functionality. We have seen some of the trendy ideas by breaking the monopoly of backsplashes. You can try all these or some of these designs to create a luxurious MasterChef kitchen in your home.

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