7 Amazing Metro Tile Colour Combinations for Your Home

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7 Amazing Metro Tile Colour Combinations for Your Home

There is no doubt that tiles are a major component of our home decor. And if we're talking about tiles, Metro tiles are now emerging to be highly popular. Metro tiles' uniformity gives them an advantage for usage in modern settings since they give a tidy, grid-like backdrop. These days a large selection of metro tiles in various sizes, designs, and colors is available in the market.

White metro tiles and blue metro tiles are the two colors that stand out the most when discussing the color of metro tiles. However, while trying to discover a more eye-catching color combination for metro tiles, people may have difficulty choosing the right color choices.

Here are some stunning metro tile color combinations that will give your application a classy appearance.

The 7 Best Metro Tile Colour Combinations for Your Home

Look at these 7 innovative metro tile color combinations.

1. 3 Color-Brick Layout

3 Color-Brick Layout

Metro tiles in these three color combinations are particularly well-liked in the household. After installation, the color combination of these three subway tiles looks absolutely stunning, we feel as though we are in a paradise. People typically utilize these metro tile styles in bathrooms, kitchens and livingrooms. Additionally, these tiles are very moisture resistant and simple to clean. These tiles will sparkle with only a simple clean water splash. And yet another crucial feature of this tile is that, even after many years, the color combination does not appear outdated.

2. Pink Strips with Light Grey

Pink Strips with Light Grey

This is another one of my favorite metro tiles color combinations. Metro tiles particularly in pink and grey tones make a stylish addition to a contemporary hall or a room. The dining area is where this metro tile color combination is most extensively implemented. One has a feeling of inner peace after placing this tile. If you're designing a dining area, it's very important to consider this style. Additionally, you will have a really lovely appearance if you choose to combine grey tiles with either white metro tiles or blue metro tiles.

3. Classic Blue with White

Classic Blue with White

There is no denying that this tile's colour combination is one of the most favored colour choices ever. Most people like to install white metro tilesand blue metro tiles together in the bathroom. The bathroom has a really charming and lovely appearance after the installation of this tile. The colour combination of white metro tiles and blue metro tiles has the primary benefit of being extremely simple to install.

4. Silver Sand with Dark & Pastel Grey

Silver Sand with Dark & Pastel Grey

This set of metro tiles has three different colours. This colour combination differs somewhat from other metro tile colour combinations. As they are utilised in a zig-zag pattern, giving the tiles a stunningly elegant appearance. Instead of grey metro tiles, you may instead use white metro tiles in this combination. After this metro tiles installation, they don't need to be cleaned as often and continue to appear brand-new.

5. Stardust with Oslo Light Grey

Stardust with Oslo Light Grey

For a kitchen backsplash, this metro tile color combination is used. This metro tile gives the kitchen a really attractive appearance when it is put. You may choose whatever colour you like for the backsplash in your kitchen, such as stardust metro tiles in place of blue metro tiles and light grey metro tiles in place of white metro tiles. People are increasingly using this tile colour combination in bathrooms in addition to the kitchen since it is so popular there.

6. Light Black with Carbon Grey

Light Black with Carbon Grey

This backsplash made from a colour combination of metro tiles makes a stunning design addition to a tiny kitchen design and may be a perfect alternative if you're wanting to add color without overwhelming the room. It also creates a dramatic focal point. These color tiles combinations are arranged one after the other like bricks which make stunning kitchen backsplash.

7. Smokey Grey with White

Smokey Grey with White

The last but certainly not least colour combination on our list is smokey grey with white metro tiles. The living area looks great with this elegant metro tile colour combination. This colour combination for the metro tiles barely reaches midway up the wall and provides a dramatic contrast to the color of the wall, which actually serves to elongate the space. Additionally, keeping this area clean is practical and simple.

Thus, due to its numerous useful features, Metro Tiles are in high demand. We hope that this article will assist you in comprehending the color combination used for metro tiles. Additionally, choosing metro tiles with a colour combination from the market will now be simple for you.

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