How To Make White Subway Tiles More Interesting?

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How To Make White Subway Tiles More Interesting?

White subway tiles are a timeless and classic choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but sometimes, they feel a bit plain or boring. However, there are several ways to spice up your white subway tile installation and add visual interest to your space.

From creative layout patterns to unique grout colors and decorative accents, here are some tips on how to make white subway tiles more interesting.

6 Ways To Make White Subway Tiles More Interesting

1. Experiment with Layout

Experiment with Layout

One of the simplest ways to add visual interest to white subway tiles is by experimenting with different layout patterns. Instead of the traditional brick or running bond pattern, consider installing the tiles in a herringbone, basketweave, or crosshatch pattern.

These alternative layouts create a more dynamic and eye-catching look while still maintaining the classic appeal of subway white tiles.

2. Use Different Grout Colors

Use Different Grout Colors

Another way to enhance the look of white subway tiles is by choosing a contrasting grout color. While white grout is the most common choice for white tiles, opting for a darker or bolder grout color makes the tiles stand out and adds depth to the design.

Consider shades like charcoal, navy, or even black for a dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can choose a metallic grout for a touch of glamour or a colored grout that complements your decor scheme.

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3. Add Decorative Accents

Add Decorative Accents

Incorporating decorative accents into your white subway tile installation instantly elevates the look of the space. Consider adding accent tiles in a different color or material to create a focal point or feature wall.

You also incorporate decorative border tiles, trim pieces, or mosaic inserts to add texture and visual interest to the design. These decorative elements be used sparingly to add a unique and personal touch to your spaces with white subway tile.

4. Mix and Match Materials

Mix and Match Materials

Another way to make white subway tiles more interesting is by mixing and matching materials. Consider combining white subway tiles with other materials like glass, marble, or metal to create a unique and eclectic look.

You can use these materials as accent pieces or incorporate them into the in a more subtle way. For example, you could use glass mosaic tiles as a border or insert metallic accents throughout the installation for a touch of sparkle.

5. Create a Feature Wall

Create a Feature Wall

Instead of covering an entire wall with white subway tiles, consider creating a feature wall with a different material or pattern. You could use patterned tiles, wallpaper, or even a bold paint color to create a focal point in the room.

Then, use white subway tiles as a complementary backdrop to highlight the feature wall and add visual interest to the space. This approach allows you to incorporate white subway/metro tiles into the design while still making a statement.

6. Play with Texture

Play with Texture

To make your white subway tile more captivating, try adding texture. Use tiles with raised edges or wavy patterns to give your wall some depth. You get to play around with shiny or matte finishes to add variety. Mixing different sizes of tiles, like small and big ones, can also give your wall a fresh and modern vibe.

Final Word

In summary, there are lots of ways to make white subway tiles more interesting and special. Whether you're sprucing up your kitchen backsplash, redoing your bathroom, or adding a standout wall in your living room, these tricks help.

You try different ways of laying the tiles, play around with the color of the grout, add decorative touches, and mix in other materials. By trying out these ideas, you give your space a unique look that shows off your style and makes your home feel more special.

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