What To Consider While Choosing Tiles For Swimming Pool?

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What To Consider While Choosing Tiles For Swimming Pool?

Selecting the right tiles varies according to different spaces and their requirements. If you use bathroom tiles for your swimming pool floor, you might regret it. This is because swimming pool tiles are different from other tiles used for interior decor.

These tiles have to be exposed to constant moisture and temperature variations. Therefore, choosing the right tile for a swimming pool is crucial for durability and safety. Let's prepare a checklist for selecting the tiles.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Swimming Pool Tiles

1. Selecting Moisture Resistant Tiles

Selecting Moisture Resistant Tiles

Moisture is the biggest problem that swimming pool tiles have to face. Excessive moisture can run through the pores and create cracks in poorly manufactured tiles. Therefore, you need to select water-resistant porcelain tiles that can prevent moisture accumulation.

The water-proof and non-porous surface of porcelain tiles doesn't allow water to penetrate the surface. Hence, porcelain tiles are perfect for creating durable swimming pool floors.

2. Considering Durability and Longevity Of Tiles

Considering Durability and Longevity Of Tiles

Pools are prone to withstand constant exposure to water and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, choosing high-quality tiles is necessary to maintain the aesthetic appeal for many years. You have to select tiles that have less than 5% water adsorption rate. Swimming pool tiles should be durable enough to withstand the impact of chlorinated water which is generally used in swimming pools. Poorly manufactured tiles can result in fading and discolouration with time.

Porcelain tiles with their unwavering strength and durability can easily withstand external factors and physical stress. Their nonporous surface doesn't fade easily. Thus, porcelain tiles can safeguard a visually appealing swimming pool decor for a long period of time.

3. Choosing Skid Resistance Tiles

Choosing Skid Resistance Tiles

Safety is one of the prime factors to consider while designing your swimming pool. Selecting the right swimming pool tiles can reduce the likelihood of spills and accidents. Tiles crafted with textured surfaces such as porcelain tiles and natural stones offer excellent grip and serve as perfect choices for swimming pools.

You can prefer matte finish tiles over glossy ones to ensure skid resistance. Moreover, choose tiles that are water-resistant and can prevent the growth of mold. Otherwise, the tiles can become slippery with the growth of algae. Ensuring skid resistance will help you build a pool area that is enjoyable for everyone.

4. Design and Style

Design and Style

You never want a swimming pool that is only functional and doesn't present any aesthetic value. Thus, selecting a striking design for a swimming pool becomes essential. For a premium look, you can opt for blue mosaic-style tiles with matte finish. It will create an ocean-like vibrant appearance and allow you to design a pool that radiates beauty.

Moreover, for a modern minimalistic appearance, you can try out large sizes 1200x1200 mm and 800x1600 mm of tile for minimal grouts and a cohesive appeal.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

A swimming pool can be the most attractive place in a home and on the same page, it can be a hubspot for the growth of bacteria and microbes, if not taken care of properly. Choosing poor-quality tiles can result in microbial growth in water and cause the spread of diseases. It can also ruin the aesthetic look of a pool.

Thus, you need to select swimming pool tiles that offer easy cleaning and maintenance options. Porcelain tiles with unbeatable water-resistant and stain-resistant properties can serve you a hygienic pool environment. Therefore, porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for a low-maintenance pool.

Make The Right Choice

In conclusion, swimming pool tiles being different from other tiles require a special focus during purchase. Before making a purchase decision consult with the manufacturer and test the tiles on your parameters. However, the decision hugely depends on your specific requirements.

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