Unveiling the Challenges of Natural Stone Tile: Are They Worth It?

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Unveiling the Challenges of Natural Stone Tile: Are They Worth It?

Natural stone slab tiles were considered one the most promising decor options in the past. However, the demand for these natural slab tiles has fallen drastically recently. Poor durability, limited design possibilities and many other shortcomings are the reasons for such downfall. Other decor options such as porcelain slab tiles are taking the place of natural stone tiles due to these disadvantages.

Today, in this blog we will comprehensively discuss these demerits of natural stone slab tiles.

Top 5 Disadvantages of Nature Stone Tiles

1. More Prone To Cracking

More Prone To Cracking

Natural stone slab tiles have a porous surface that can be easily cracked due to high foot traffic or use in busy areas. They easily absorb moisture due to which their inner surface becomes weak and starts breaking. Slab tiles have an expansive surface, even a small crack can ruin the whole tile structure. Therefore natural stone tiles are not an ideal choice for high-traffic and moisture-prone areas. Moreover, these tiles also can't bear continuous weather changes.

A consistent up and down in temperature can create significant cracks on the top surface of natural stone tiles. That's why natural stone tiles are merely used in outdoor spaces.

2. High Price Tag

High Price Tag

Natural stone tiles come with a high price tag due to their expensive extraction process. The mining of stone and processing costs a loss that causes the overall rise in tile price. Porcelain tiles on the other hand are manufactured using natural raw materials such as clay, quartz, and feldspar.

Therefore porcelain slab tiles are available at more reasonable prices making them a budget-friendly option in comparison to natural stone slab tiles. Furthermore, the depletion of natural stone ore in the earth's crust is another main reason for their increasing prices.

3. Complex Installation Process

Complex Installation Process

Unlike porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles are heavy weight and produce challenges during the installation process. Their hard yet porous surface is prone to chipping during applying cuts making the process even more difficult.

One small mistake in installation can ruin your space look completely. Therefore, professionals are required to install natural stone tiles. That is why the installation of natural stone slab tile is not only complex but also expensive. To reduce the installation cost you can go for large-format porcelain tiles that are easy to install and are more cost effective.

4. Maintenance Issues

Maintenance Issues

No doubt natural stones have a mesmerizing appeal that certainly catches the eyes of everyone. However, maintaining such beauty for a long period of time is really a hassle with natural stone tiles. They are prone to scratches and also easily catch stains in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Their poor durability makes the tiles look dull and aesthetically unpleasant over a period of time. Not only cleaning, natural stone slab tiles also create issues in maintaining a hygienic atmosphere. Their porous surface accumulates water and becomes a potential reason for bacterial growth.

5. Poor Versatility

Poor Versatility

Natural stone tiles will leave you disappointed in terms of design possibilities. Providing very few variants in terms of colors, patterns, and textures, natural stone tiles serve a narrow space for customization. Furthermore, it's very difficult to shape these tiles for personal use due to fear of chipping. If you are looking for diverse options or customizable tiles, porcelain can be a better option in comparison to natural stones.


Natural stone slab tiles undoubtedly offer luxury and premium design. However, the above disadvantages of these tiles raise a question of their usability. In summary, we can say that porcelain tiles are a better option than natural stones due to their reliability and versatility.

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