Discover India's Top 8 Tile Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Discover India's Top 8 Tile Manufacturers and Suppliers

India, a hub of craftsmanship and innovation, is home to a thriving tiles industry. From classic ceramics to cutting-edge porcelain tiles, the country boasts an array of manufacturers shaping the landscape of interior design. In this blog, we explore some leading tile manufacturers and tiles suppliers in India.

By delving into their manufacturing capacity, valuation, and revenue. Let's embark on a journey through the vibrant world of Indian tiles.

List of 8 Leading Indian Tile Manufacturers

1. Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics, headquartered in New Delhi, is a prominent figure in the Indian tile manufacturing landscape. Kajaria stands as a significant player in the industry. Its strong valuation and revenue underscore its leadership, positioning it as a top choice for those seeking high-quality tiles.

The company's address is Kajaria Ceramics Limited, J1/B1 (Extn.), Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044. Kajaria Ceramics holds outstanding customer ratings, a testament to its widespread acclaim and customer satisfaction.

Valuation: Approx Rs 20,000+ Cr

Revenue: Approx Rs 4,000+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 85+ million square meters


2. Somany Ceramics

Somany Ceramics

Somany Ceramics is a big player in the Indian tile world. They make a ton of tiles every year – more than 64 million square meters! That's like a lot. Even though we don't have the exact details right now, you tell Somany cares about making top-notch tiles.

You find them at Somany Ceramics Limited, 3rd Floor, Plot No. 1, Sector 44, Gurugram - 122003, Haryana. Somany Ceramics has excellent customer ratings, underscoring its strong presence and positive customer feedback.

Valuation: Approx Rs 3,000+ crore

Revenue: Approx Rs 60+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 75+ million square meters


3. Nitco Limited

Nitco Limited

Nitco Limited, located in Mumbai, is famous for its high-quality tiles. They have large product capacity and design versatility, showing how much they focus on quality and design. They're known for making really good premium tiles.

They have a corporate office at The Nitco House, Seth Govindram Jolly Marg, Kanjur Marg (East), Mumbai - 400042, India. Nitco Limited receives impressive customer ratings, highlighting its standing as a trusted source for premium tiles.

Valuation: Approx Rs 200+ Cr

Revenue: Approx Rs 300+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 18+ million square meters


4. Orientbell Tiles

Orientbell Tiles

From New Delhi, Orientbell Tiles has been a stalwart in the industry. With a manufacturing capacity exceeding 26 million square meters annually, the company has a significant market presence.

The company’s corporate office is located at A-8, Udyog Marg, Industrial Area, Nangloi, New Delhi - 110041. Orientbell Tiles maintains commendable ratings, reinforcing its position as a reliable and well-regarded tile manufacturer.

Valuation: Approx Rs 580+ Cr

Revenue: Approx Rs 700+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 33+ million square meters


5. Simpolo Vitrified

Simpolo Vitrified

Simpolo Vitrified, situated in Morbi, Gujarat, is known for its innovative vitrified tiles. While its manufacturing capacity is impressive, reaching millions of square meters, the company's valuation and revenue contribute to its industry standing.

The Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. is situated on Old Ghuntu Road, Morbi - 363642, Gujarat. Simpolo Vitrified achieves superior customer ratings, signalling its popularity and positive customer experiences.

Valuation: Not Publicly Available

Revenue: Approx Rs 500+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 22,000+ square meters


6. RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics, a global leader with a significant presence in India, operates from its facility in Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh. The company's vast manufacturing capacity and international reputation contribute to its valuation and revenue.

The address is RAK Ceramics India Pvt Ltd, RAK Street, Near Gail, Samalkot - 533440, Andhra Pradesh. The company proudly holds high ratings, reflecting its global acclaim and recognition for top-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Valuation: Approx Rs 1000+ Cr

Revenue: Approx Rs 800+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 30,000+ square meters


7. H&R Johnson

H&R Johnson

H&R Johnson, a subsidiary of Prism Johnson Limited, is known for its premium tiles. With manufacturing units ensuring a robust capacity, the company's commitment to quality is evident.

H&R Johnson is located at Windsor, 7th Floor, Off CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400098, Maharashtra. The company boasts impressive customer ratings, underscoring its legacy as a well-established tile manufacturer.

Valuation: Approx Rs 9,000+ Cr

Revenue: Approx Rs 7,000+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 60+ million square meters


8. Asian Granito India Limited

Asian Granito India Limited

Closing our list is Asian Granito India Limited, headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company boasts an expansive manufacturing capacity, contributing to its industry reputation.

The Asian Granito India Limited, 202, Dev Arc, Opp. Iscon Temple, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015, Gujarat. Asian Granito India Limited enjoys commendable Google ratings, showcasing its popularity and positive feedback for its diverse range of high-quality tiles.

Valuation: Approx Rs 990+ Cr

Revenue: Approx Rs 1500+ Cr

Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 54+ million square meters



In tiles suppliers in India, these 10 companies are like innovation and quality champions. So, as you explore the tile world, remember these companies are all about creativity and craftsmanship, making India's tiles landscape special.

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