Tips To Choose Perfect Washbasin Design During Renovation

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Tips To Choose Perfect Washbasin Design During Renovation

Renovating your home is an exciting opportunity to transform your space, especially bathrooms. When you are renovating a bathroom it's crucial to select the right wash basin, because it plays a pivotal role in creating aesthetic ambience and functionality in the space.

However, there are several considerations that you need to understand before choosing the right basin. Starting from choosing the right size and design to the perfect finish, you need to be careful about all essential points. Therefore, we have prepared a checklist to choose the perfect bathroom wash basin just for you.

How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Wash Basin?

1. Match With Bathroom Aesthetics

Match With Bathroom Aesthetics

Choosing a wash basin that perfectly complements your bathroom decor and aesthetics is important to maintain an eye-catching environment and soothing appeal. Consider designs that create a cohesive and harmonious appearance.

For example, a white ceramic basin complements a bathroom with granite black tiles and fixtures. Using complementary design styles you can avoid clash between colors and textures in the same space.

2. Check Available Space And Layout

Check Available Space And Layout

Maintaining a proper functional space in the bathroom is very important. Therefore, you need to choose an appropriate space for installing the basin that neither creates a very compact appearance nor overwhelms the space.

For example, in a compact bathroom, you can use a modern countertops basin to reserve space and prevent overcrowding. It not only helps you maximise floor space but also creates trendy decor.

3. Identifying Specific Needs

Identifying Specific Needs

The design, style, and functionality of a wash basin varies according to its use in different spaces. Suppose, you have a small family or having personal washrooms attached to bedrooms can impact the usability of the wash basin. In such a scenario, you can go for a vanity that is well-equipped with storage cabinets that provide ample space for towels, cleaning supplies, and other materials.

So here, choosing a single-hole faucet with a high arc and deep vessel sink is beneficial for personal and compact bathrooms. But, in the case of a master bathroom, you can opt for a luxurious wall-mounted basin with a widespread faucet attached in the bathroom.

4. Harmonizes With Current Fixtures

Harmonizes With Current Fixtures

While choosing the design make sure you have an idea about the existing curves and fixtures in the bathroom layout. So that you can select a wash basin size that is proportionate with the overall bathroom space. For example, a pedestal basin with classic lines is a perfect match for vintage-style fixtures with ornate details.

5. Consider Basin Size Relative To Vanity

Consider Basin Size Relative To Vanity

Selecting the appropriate size of the basin is an important factor for maintaining a balanced look in the bathroom. A basin larger than the vanity can create a cluttered appearance. Similarly, a compact bathroom wash basin can not serve appropriate functionality.

Therefore, you should choose a bathroom basin that ideally leaves space for bathroom chores and provides a pleasing appearance to the countertop.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Bathrooms are places that are prone to spread infections if not maintained well. Therefore, it is crucial to select a durable and easy-to-clean bathroom wash basin to ensure a hygienic atmosphere.

Porcelain basins with glazed finish can be a good choice as they have a non-porous surface. Ceramic basins are impervious to water and, therefore can resist the accumulation of water and prevent bacterial growth.

7. Explore Various Options

Explore Various Options

To achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, you need to explore various materials, finishes, and shapes of bathroom wash basins during renovation.

For example, in an open bathroom opting for a glossy finish bathroom wash basin is an ideal choice. It reflects light and creates an illusion of spaciousness.


During renovating your bathroom space it is essential to select the right basin for a seamless appeal and lavish aesthetics. Starting from choosing the layouts to the finishes, every step requires careful consideration. Therefore, it is highly important to make the right choice keeping in mind the layout, design and size of your bathroom.

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