Everything You Need To Know About Subway Tiles

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Everything You Need To Know About Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have always been a popular choice as an affordable and aesthetic interior decor product. It's been more than a century since these tiles have been enhancing spaces and corners around the world. But have you ever wondered why they are called subway tiles? And is it still in trend? Let us find out this in our blog.

We will find the interesting story behind Subway tiles and find out whether it is going to be a smart buy or not.

What Are Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles are classic rectangular tiles with a signature 50% offset in the layout. 3x6 inches represents the conventional standard size of these tiles, however, recently subway tiles have been available in a variety of size options. These tiles are popular for their classic look, durability, and easy maintenance.

Why Are They Called Subway Tiles?

subway tiles history

In 1904, when New York's first-ever subway station was taking shape, these tiles were designed to provide a timeless appearance with longevity. Yes, subway tiles are named so because they were implemented for the first time in a subway at Times Square.

The designers had crafted these tiles with the utmost beauty attracted many people. Therefore, it started becoming popular and implemented in both residential and commercial spaces to enhance aesthetics.

Are They Still Popular?

Even though it has been more than a century since its discovery, it is still in trend. The credit goes to the brilliant manufacturers who incorporated advanced technology and infused creative design ideas to keep alive the charm of subway tiles.

Nowadays, subway tiles are the go-to choice for creating luxurious and durable decor in homes, offices, and other commercial spaces. With a vast and fabulous collection of designs, these tiles present a wide range of applications for decor lovers.

Applications Of Subway Tiles

In the past, the application of subway tiles was limited to commercial spaces only. But with the help of innovation and technology, subway tiles now have lucrative application options in home spaces too. Let's have a wider view of it.

Subway Tiles Wall Covering

Wall Covering: With an opulent variety of premium designs, subway tiles can be implemented as wall coverings. Their unique refractive look builts the feel of spaciousness using light when implemented on walls.

Subway Tiles Flooring

Flooring: Another basic but the best application of subway tiles is to set them as an ever-shining sublime floor. Their classic appearance with an offset design will provide a highly admirable vintage look to your space.

Subway Tiles Outdoor Wall

Outdoor Wall: Subway tiles are easy to clean and can withstand tear and wear in different conditions. Therefore, these tiles present a suitable decor option for outdoor walls.

Subway Tiles Backsplashes

Backsplashes: Subway tiles can help you create statement walls and beautiful backsplashes in kitchen areas. Their minimal look and subtle appearance create a soothing atmosphere for this space.


In summary, subway tiles still serve the same taste of beauty and elegance as during their inception. People love to implement these tiles in homes to incorporate a vintage yet mesmerizing appearance. So, when you are trying these tiles at your home?


Are subway tiles still popular?

Yes, subway tiles continue to be popular due to their timeless appeal and versatility.

How thick is subway tile?

Subway tiles typically come in the 5-10mm thickness range.

What grout colour is best for subway tiles?

White or light-coloured grout is typically used with subway tiles to maintain a clean, uniform appearance, although contrasting grout can create a striking effect.

Can subway tiles be used in outdoor applications?

While subway tiles are primarily designed for indoor use, they can also be used outdoors. Such as durable porcelain subway tiles can be suitable for outdoor applications depending on climate and installation methods.

Is subway tile good for floors?

Yes, subway tiles can be used for floors. But they're typically more suitable for walls. Because its small size demands more quality, it creates problems in installation and makes it more time-consuming. Also, their flat surface may be slippery and prone to wear on floors.

What pattern do you use to lay subway tile?

Common laying patterns with this tile include the classic offset, herringbone, and vertical stack, allowing for creative design variations.

What are the advantages of subway tiles?

Subway tiles offer timeless elegance, versatility in design, and easy maintenance. They are affordable, widely available, and complement various spaces, enhancing both modern and traditional settings.

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