Small Format Tiles vs. Large Format Tiles: Which One is Better?

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Small Format Tiles vs. Large Format Tiles: Which One is Better?

There has always been a hot competition when it comes to selecting between small and large format tiles for home decor. Choosing the perfect tile size has a significant impact on your design layout and the aesthetics of the space. Recently, large-format tiles have gained popularity for their luxurious appeal and durability. But small tiles are not behind with their vast range of design possibilities and simple installation.

With so many parameters to consider, this match-up is going to be very interesting, right? So today we will have a comprehensive differentiation between small and large format tiles.

Comparing Large Format Tiles with Small Format Tiles

Understanding Large Format Tiles

Understanding Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles for example sizes such as 1200x1200mm, 1200x1600mm, and 800x1200mm have an expansive and durable surface. Their cohesive look provides a luxurious appeal to your home with the drastic impact of spaciousness. Large format tiles also provide a wide range of durability features making them a tailored choice for modern-day space.


1. Large format tile installation requires less number of tiles which leads to reducing the number of grout lines. It makes the room look more spacious and uninterrupted.

2. Large format tiles reduce installation costs and provide a budget-friendly option for home decor.

3. Creates an illusion of spaciousness and makes the atmosphere more inviting.

4. Large format tiles symbolize endurance and longevity due to their extensive layout.

5. These tiles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

6. Large format tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor decor systems.


1. Have a high price tag in comparison to smaller tiles. But these tiles also provide value for the money.

2. Repairing sometimes becomes a hassle due to the expansive format.

3. Require careful handling during the process of installation otherwise get chipped.

4. Design possibilities are less in these tile sizes as compared to small-sized tiles.

Understanding Small Format Tiles

Understanding Small Format Tiles

Small format tiles include standard sizes such as 600x600mm, 600x800mm, and 800x800mm. These tiles provide you with numerous design possibilities and customizable options. However, small formats don't serve you with the lavish feel of spaciousness. Let's have a wider look at the advantages of small format tiles.


1. Small format tiles are cost-effective due to their low price range.

2. You can try customizable design options by applying various tile patterns due to their small size.

3. Small format tiles don't chip easily during the application of complex cuts.

4. These tiles add texture and depth to complex design structures.

5. Effective waste management during installation.


1. Maintenance and cleaning are a hassle with standard tiles.

2. Installation is time-consuming and complex for unique designs, especially for large spaces.

3. Prominent grout lines can be observed cluttering the overall atmosphere.

4. Small tiles can make the room look busy, especially if they are installed poorly.

Large Format Tiles vs. Small Format Tiles

Now when it comes to comparing both formats, large format tiles are leaving behind standard tiles. Whether it is about providing a lavish spacious appearance or long-term functionality, large-format tiles are way ahead of small-sized tiles. Cost and installation could be a factor to observe, but for better quality, you can oversee them. Therefore, if you're looking for stylish and attractive decor you should go for large-format tiles.


Summing up everything, large format tiles could be an ideal choice for creating a dream decor system. However, the selection of size may vary with the requirement of design and home layout. Therefore, before choosing the size of tiles consider different aspects as well.

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