7 Popular Porcelain Slab Tile Designs For Stylish Spaces

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7 Popular Porcelain Slab Tile Designs For Stylish Spaces

In the space of interior design, porcelain slab tiles stand high in terms of popularity. They are super durable, versatile, and stunning in the aesthetics world. They have large format tiles which offer a seamless design for your spaces. Their ideal applications will strike you with their uses in flooring, to walls.

As you’re looking for space elevation with porcelain slab tiles, here are the best-seller designs for you to consider.

Top 7 Highest-Selling Porcelain Slab Tile Designs By Sunwin

1. Glitter Crema

Glitter Crema

Glitter Crema porcelain slab tiles with 800x1600MM size, make them ideal for creating a seamless and sophisticated look in any room. Their neutral tones and shimmering surface add a touch of elegance to kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. The large format of these tiles minimizes grout lines, creating a clean and modern aesthetic.

2. Marquina


Marquina porcelain slab tiles in 800x2400MM size are inspired by the timeless beauty of marble. With their bold veining and striking contrasts, these tiles make a statement in any space. Perfect for countertops, wall cladding, and flooring, Marquina tiles bring a touch of luxury to both residential and commercial interiors.

3. Eternity Black

Eternity Black

The Eternity Black porcelain slab tiles offer a sleek and contemporary look with their oversized dimensions of 800x3000MM. These tiles are perfect for creating seamless countertops, tabletops, and feature walls, and their expansive size makes them ideal for large-scale projects. This tile’s highly abstract black-and-white marbled texture would create a bold, dramatic look in your home's interior. The Eternity Black design adds a modern vibe to your space that sparks visual interest in the space.

4. Carrara Cenefa

Carrara Cenefa

Featuring the classic elegance of Carrara marble, Carrara Cenefa porcelain slab tiles are 1200x1200MM in size. Their square format and timeless design make them perfect for creating luxurious bathroom floors, shower surrounds, and accent walls. Durable and easy to maintain, these tiles offer the beauty of natural marble without maintenance.

5. ONYX Gray


ONYX Gray porcelain slab tiles measure 1200x1800MM and feature swirling patterns and rich hues that mimic the natural beauty of the stone. Perfect for creating eye-catching focal points in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, these tiles add drama and sophistication to any space. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in high-traffic areas.

6. Nero Antiqua

Nero Antiqua

The Nero Antiqua porcelain slab tiles measure 1200x2400MM and offer endless design possibilities with their expansive size and versatile finishes.

The intricate veining and mottled patterns in deep browns and charcoal greys evoke the sophistication of polished natural stone surfaces. Whether used for kitchen countertops, shower enclosures, or feature walls, these tile designs deliver style and performance in equal measure.

7. Breccia Aurora

Breccia Aurora

Breccia Aurora design comes in 1600x3200MM size. With its warm, natural stone texture would create a soft, inviting ambience in your home. The light beige and creamy tan hues with delicate golden-brown veining evoke a sense of organic elegance reminiscent of travertine or marble. This neutral yet luxurious porcelain slab tile design could make spaces feel bright and airy while still providing a cosy, calming vibe.

Final Word

Porcelain slab tiles offer a versatile and stylish solution for a wide range of design projects. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of marble, the bold look of onyx, or the sleek appeal of large-format designs, there's a porcelain slab tile to suit your taste and style. Consider one of these top-selling designs for your next renovation or remodelling project and elevate your space with the beauty and durability of porcelain.

Sunwin offers an extensive range of high-quality porcelain slab tiles, each designed to elevate your space with style and durability. Explore our collection today and transform your interiors with timeless beauty and modern sophistication.

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