Introduction of Metro Tiles: Types and Colors for Your Home Decor

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Introduction of Metro Tiles: Types and Colors for Your Home Decor

Metro tiles are also known as subway tiles. These tiles were first introduced in 1904 in New York for subways. Metro tiles are considered a classic and timeless form of tiles as they are simple yet contemporary. Incredibly elegant for our eyes and frankly they never go out of style. Almost everyone must have heard about these tiles since they have been popular ever since their introduction.

Metro tiles are used in a variety of applications such as; kitchens and bathrooms. The reason being their simple yet aesthetic nature. Metro tiles are most popular in 2 colors;

1. White metro tiles

2. Blue metro tiles

These 2 colors of metro tiles have brought a boom in the tiles industry and their overwhelming popularity created a massive demand. These tiles are “timeless relics”, it is no exaggeration, because of their subtle yet robust nature. Today we will look at a guide for metro tiles for our homeowners who want to decorate their homes uniquely.

Metro Tiles - An Introduction

As mentioned, these tiles were introduced for the subway railway system in New York. These metro or subway tiles have come a long way and have evolved with time. These tiles are beautiful yet simple and offer an essence of elegance to the environment. Metro tiles are often seen in bathrooms, mainly because of their compact size and glossy look.

These tiles are also popular for kitchens, mainly because of their stain-resistant nature and “classy elegance”. The 2 colors discussed; white metro tiles and blue metro tiles, have their own set of features and significance associated with them. Let us take a look at other innovative ideas and colors for metro/subway tiles.

Most Popular Types And Colors Of Metro Tiles

Now that we know the history behind metro tiles and their visual features we can dwell into different types and colors. These tiles are designed to be suitable for almost every space and homeowners can “rarely” go wrong with these tiles. The metro/subway tiles are available in different types and sizes, let us discuss some of them!

1. White Metro Tiles:

White Metro Tiles

These tiles are considered the “original” and “classic” variants of metro tiles. The white color is simple yet contemporary with a soothing nature. These metro/subway tiles are popular for bathrooms. Homeowners who are decorating their homes in a neo-retro style are recommended white metro tiles.

2. Blue Metro Tiles:

Blue Metro Tiles

Blue is the color of sadness? Not particularly for this set of tiles. Against the social stigma, blue metro tiles are incredibly popular among homeowners and tile manufacturers as they feature a tranquil and secure environment. The unconventional color makes the blue metro tile stand out and gives a unique character to your home!

3. Metro Carrara:

Metro Carrara

For those homeowners who are in a dilemma between marble and metro tiles, metro Carrara tiles are just for you. These tiles are exceptionally attractive as they mimic the visuals of marble! These tiles are often recommended for bathrooms because of their elegance and versatility. Metro carrara tiles are one of the most preferred choices of homeowners because of their subtle marble designs.

4. Matt Metro Tiles:

Matt Metro Tiles

Matt metro tiles are available in different colors such as white subway tiles, blue subway tiles, and many more! These tiles have a matt finish over their surface, White metro tiles with a matt finish are popular for their strong and robust look. These tiles can help you achieve an “authoritative” look for your homes. The special advantage of these tiles is their matte finish surface which does not allow them to look bad quickly. So you can avoid the hassle of frequent cleaning.

5. Gray Metro Tiles:

Gray Metro Tiles

White metro tiles with contrasting grout are no doubt one of the best ways to decorate your kitchen, however, if you feel like it's too “mainstream” then gray color metro tiles might be right up your alley!

Grey metro tiles are an excellent middle ground between white and black, the gray color compels your eyes to not deviate. The beautiful aesthetics of these tiles makes them a suitable fit for kitchens. Homeowners can decorate their kitchen with gray metro tiles and light-shaded grout to deliver astonishing visuals, something a kitchen must have!

6. Metro Sage tiles:

Metro Sage tiles

Bored with conventional designs and colors? Then it's time you get introduced to Metro sage tiles. These tiles are playful in nature and create a joyous ambiance. Perfect for homes with children and adults, because why not? Metro sage tiles are unconventional and unique, the color radiates happy vibes and enhances the mood of the environment.

7. Black Metro tiles:

Black Metro tiles

Classic, modern, and bold. Black metro tiles are an ideal fit for your kitchens if the first 3 words are something you resonate with. Black metro/subway tiles impart a bold character to your kitchen while delivering stunning aesthetics. These tiles are known to encourage composure and enhance the ambience. Black shade traps all the light which creates a cool and calm environment.


These are some of the most popular types and colors of metro tiles available in the market. The original white and blue metro tiles are something you can never be wrong with, however, depending on your taste and requirements you can opt for any type of metro tile to decorate your homes!

Sunwin Ceramic is a leading manufacturer of metro or subway tiles from India. Our metro tiles are popular throughout the globe because of our dedication to creating top-quality metro tiles with beautiful aesthetics. Our tiles never go out of style because we believe in keeping things original and authentic while customizing them for our customers simultaneously!


What are the most popular colors for metro tiles?

The most popular colors for Metro Tiles are classic white and stylish blue. These two colors have a timeless appeal and are widely used in various home decor settings.

Are there any specific color recommendations for kitchens and bathrooms?

White Metro Tiles are often recommended for bathrooms due to their clean and classic look. For kitchens, you can choose between classic white or more unique options like gray, black, or sage, depending on your style preferences.

Do Metro Tile colors affect the perception of space in a room?

Yes, Metro Tile colors can influence the perception of space. Lighter colors like white can make a room feel more open and spacious, while darker colors like black can create a cozier atmosphere.

How do I decide on the right metro tile color for my home decor?

Choosing the right Metro Tile color depends on your personal style, the existing decor in your home, and the ambiance you want to create. Consider your preferences and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve.

Are there any color trends for Metro Tiles in recent years?

Metro Tile color trends may change over time, but classic white and blue remain evergreen. However, recent trends have seen a rise in the popularity of gray and black Metro Tiles, adding a touch of boldness to interior designs.

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