Transform Your Space with Porcelain Slab Tiles: Ideas & Inspiration

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Transform Your Space with Porcelain Slab Tiles: Ideas & Inspiration

The advantages of porcelain tiles are numerous and not hidden from anyone. These tiles are quite different from other types of ceramic tiles in a way that they have a drop-dead aesthetic. They are available in plenty of designs, colors, and patterns and can be utilized in any kind of space and project. Moreover, they are non-porous, making them resistant to water and stains. All these benefits come in addition to their strength and longevity.

Now having said all that, just imagine what wonders can be created by using the same porcelain tiles in large slab formats. Slab tiles are large-format tiles that come in sizes such as 800x1600mm. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, porcelain slab tiles have a lot more to offer. These tiles, which are renowned for their opulent look, are typically utilized to produce seamless surfaces with fewer grout lines. Maintaining and cleaning them is very basic. At Sunwin Ceramica, we tailor the best quality large format porcelain slab tiles of size 800x1600

Slab tiles, practically can be used anywhere, be it floors, vanities, kitchen backsplashes, exterior cladding, garden patios, or anything else you name it. However, here in our blog, we will be seeing how you can transform your living room with slab tiles. Slab tile accents in your living room may give the area a sense of class and individuality. Whether you wish to create a center of interest or improve the overall outlook, here are a few ideas and inspiration to begin with.

Porcelain Slab Tiles Applications For Living Room

1. Contemporary Living Room Floor

Contemporary Living Room Floor

You can give your living room a sleek, contemporary look by installing porcelain slab tiles on the floor. Since the tiles are huge, there are fewer grout lines, creating the illusion of a smooth surface. Select a colour and pattern that compliments the rest of your interior decor. Darker tiles can offer depth and richness, while lighter tiles can give the impression of openness and airiness. Tiles with patterns or textures can enrich the overall design concept and offer visual appeal.

2. Focal Accent Wall

Focal Accent Wall

Use slab tiles to fashion a gorgeous accent wall. To create a statement, use a large-format tile with a striking colour or pattern. Install the tiles on one wall of your living room, perhaps behind the couch or entertainment center, to provide depth and visual interest. To add even more aesthetic appeal, try out other tile orientations like a vertical or herringbone pattern.

Consider adding accent lighting to heighten the impact of the accent wall. Install track or recessed lighting to draw attention to the slab tiles' exquisite texture. The mix of tiles and well-placed lighting will give your living area a premium feel.

3. Unique Coffee Table or Side Table

Unique Coffee Table or Side Table

Slab tiles’ uses are not just limited to floors and walls. They have the capability of giving a sense of luxury and originality to your living room furnishings as well. Try replacing the tabletop of your coffee table or side table with porcelain slab tile of size 800x1600mm and see the magic. The huge size of tiles creates an attractive and seamless surface. Pick a tile that blends nicely with the design of your living area.

A solid colour and glossy finish tile can create a modern or minimalist appearance. While mosaic tiles or tiles with sophisticated patterns and textures give more of a dextrous and bohemian vibe. To preserve its appearance and to make it more practical for everyday use, consider sealing the surface of the tiles or using a protective glass or acrylic cover.

4. Luxurious Floor Medallions

Luxurious Floor Medallions

A unique addition to your living room can be the installation of a flooring medallion with slab tiles. Your floor may become the centre of attention by creating a distinctive medallion or rug-like design using a variety of tiles, colours, and patterns. Using contrasting colours can make your medallion stand out. To add depth and visual interest, you can use a single-colour medallion with different textures and finishes.

5. Fascinating Fireplace Surrounds

Fascinating Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace surrounds may be designed in a variety of ways using porcelain slab tiles. Think about the following as examples:

- For a sophisticated and classic fireplace surround, choose porcelain slabs that resemble the opulent appearance of marble.

- Choosing porcelain slabs with 3D textures that resemble piled stones or geometric patterns, can add depth and aesthetic appeal to your fireplace surround.

- Pick porcelain slabs that have a wood like look, to get the warm feeling of wood without worrying about the care, which is a useful and adaptable choice.

- For a fascinating fireplace surround, add a touch of glitz with porcelain slabs with metallic veining or finishes in gold, silver, or bronze.

6. Built-in Shelving

Built-in Shelving

To give your built-in shelving units a unified and upscale appearance, install slab tiles on the back wall. Think about utilising textured tiles or tiles with metallic elements to add visual appeal. This method works nicely in modern or contemporary living room designs.

These are just a few options to give you an idea. Let your imagination run wild and you will find numerous creative ideas to incorporate these large format slab tiles in your living room. When choosing slab tiles, keep your living room's overall design and colour palette in mind.


When working with large-format slab tiles, it is critical to engage a skilled installer who is familiar with handling and installing them effectively. Additionally, consider the weight of these tiles and ensure that your walls or flooring can sustain their installation. At Sunwin Ceramica, we have a huge collection of Porcelain slab tiles. Ranging from bold neutrals to textured and patterned designs, we have every type of slab tile you can think of. Check out our captivating collection today to create a stunning living room.

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