How To Choose The Best Porcelain Tile For Living Room?

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How To Choose The Best Porcelain Tile For Living Room?

The living room is the most busiest and interactive place at home. It is the space that creates the first impression in the hearts of visitors about your home. Therefore, the living room needs to be pleasant and attractive. Porcelain tiles in these years are extensively used to enhance the beauty of different spaces. Hence, choosing the right porcelain tiles can help you build an aesthetic decor in your living room.

But how to select the right tiles from such an extensive collection? Don't worry, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you in selecting the perfect tiles for your living room.

4 Simple Step To Choose The Right Tiles For Living Room

1. Selecting the Right Size

Selecting the Right Size

When it comes to porcelain floor and wall tiles, they represent a wide range of options in terms of different sizes. For example

Thus, it becomes very important to choose the right size to get the perfect look and less wastage. However, the process of finding the perfect tile size is not that difficult.

First, you have to measure your whole living room accurately. If you are considering wall coverings then remember to calculate the negative space like windows, doors, and shelves. The dimensions will give an idea about the number of tiles and format that is required for modelling the space.

2. Selecting A Perfect Design

Selecting A Perfect Design

What's better than having soothing and personalized aesthetics in your most comfortable place? Yes, that can happen when you choose the perfect tile design for your living room. To select the appropriate design follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Consider the space and carpet area in the room. If you have a wider space, then select subtle colours and minimal patterns to create an open-looking and comfy atmosphere. Matte finish porcelain tiles and grey-white porcelain tiles can be the perfect examples.
  • Similarly, for compact spaces, you can go for designer wall coverings and floor tiles to add a sense of depth and create an illusion of extra space. Digital wall tiles and wood look porcelain tiles are the best examples of such a design.

3. Consider Longevity And Durability

Consider Longevity And Durability

The living room is the busiest place in a home and has maximum chances to tackle stains, scratches, and dull patches. Therefore, you need to choose tiles that can provide a durable and long-lasting appeal to your living room. Porcelain floor tiles are considered a durable flooring option by the world's best interior designers.

These tiles provide resistance against wear and tear. Furthermore, their surface won't acquire stains and scratches so easily. Thus, it will help you maintain a beautiful and appealing decor for several years.

4. Consider Maintenance and Cleaning Options

Consider Maintenance and Cleaning Options

Maintenance is a big question when you are in search of home decor, especially in terms of tiles. Frequent reparation and maintenance of tiles can raise the actual cost multiple times and can be a headache for you. Therefore, selecting the right tile that provides hassle-free maintenance options becomes very important.

Porcelain tiles with a water-resistant surface and high-end durability serve as the best maintenance options in the industry. These tiles require minimal upkeep to maintain their natural appearance and can resist heavy wear and tear vanishing the requirement for frequent maintenance.

Final Words

Choosing the right tiles for your living room is essential to maintain a pleasant and healthy atmosphere at home. Following the above guide you can find the perfect match of tiles for your space. But also consider other factors like budget, manufacturer's reputation, and product warranty during your purchase.

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