How To Select the Right Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom?

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How To Select the Right Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom?

Whether you are remodelling your space or building a new one, choosing the right design for the bathroom becomes one of the most interesting and responsible parts of the discussion. Bathrooms being a space for pure refreshment and rejuvenation, can't just have a poor design.

Therefore, you have to plan an aesthetically pleasing plan for your bathroom and the journey begins with selecting the right wall tiles. Yes, tiles can significantly impact the ambience of your bathroom with layout, colour combinations, and textures.

Thus, if you think that your bathroom doesn't deserve just a clean look, then choosing the right tiles is very important. Let's uncover the perfect ways to select the right tiles for your bathroom.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Wall Tiles For Bathroom

1. Size and Layout

Size and Layout

Selecting the right tile size and layout is crucial to ensure a premium aesthetic in the bathroom. Medium to large tiles of sizes 300x450 MM, 800x1200 MM, 1200x1200 MM, and 800x1600 MM are preferred for bathrooms to reduce grout lines and visual clutter.

Tips to choose the right tile size for your bathroom:

  • Measure the carpet area of the walls accurately.
  • Give attention to areas like shower panels and negative spaces like doors, sinks, and accessories.
  • Use a combination of small tiles for wall coverings and large tiles for flooring. It will help in creating an appealing effect for compact bathrooms.
  • Choose large vertical tiles for spacious bathrooms for a spa-like ambience.

2. Choosing The Right Design

Choosing The Right Design

The selection of design depends on how you want to style your bathroom. If you are looking for a luxurious hotel-inspired ambience, then go for matt finish tiles, geometric patterns, and vibrant colour schemes. It will create a gorgeous and bold appearance by adding character to your bathroom so that you can feel the warmth of the hotel right at home.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a style that is calm and composed like nature, then you should move forward with nature-inspired porcelain wall tiles. Try out subtle pastel colours with a gloss finish to make your bathroom shine just like a jacuzzi surrounded by nature.

3. Check For Durability

Check For Durability

Choosing tiles for walls is different from other spaces as you have to tackle moisture. Consistent exposure to moisture can ruin the aesthetics of tiles, if not selected properly. You should focus on wall tiles that are moisture-resistant and have a non-porous surface.

Ceramic or porcelain wall tiles can be a great idea as they have an impervious surface to water that prevents cracks and accumulation of dirt and debris.

Moreover, you can try vitrified wall tiles for longevity and enhanced appeal. These tiles can build a seamless bathroom with scratch and stain-resistant properties. However, make sure to check regarding the warranty and instructions for the use of tiles with the manufacturer during purchase.

4. Think About Maintenance and Cleaning

Think About Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of wall tiles is important to ensure a hygienic atmosphere in the bathroom. The tiles that come up with easy maintenance and cleaning options are the best to use. You can go for tiles that provide resistance to wear and tear. Such tiles require minimal maintenance and upkeep in the long run.

Professional Tips To Choose The Right Tiles For Bathroom:

  • Select water-resistant tiles that don't accumulate moisture on their surface.
  • Try digital wall tiles for a lively appeal.
  • Check for the best wall tile manufacturers before purchase.
  • Consider choosing the tiles that can be easily installed.
  • Make a list of tiles according to your budget.

End Note

In summary, selecting the right wall tiles for the bathroom depends on several factors like tile size, aesthetics, and maintenance factors. Therefore, make a proper checklist to ensure perfect selection and keep in mind the above points. In case of any doubt, contact a professional interior designer for proper guidance.

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