How To Choose Large Format Tile Sizes For Different Spaces

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How To Choose Large Format Tile Sizes For Different Spaces

Are you considering utilizing large format tiles to infuse luxury and royal aesthetics into your spaces?

That is an amazing idea. But did you know that large format porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes such as 800x1600MM, 1200x1200MM, 1600x3200MM, etc…

Incorporating the right tile size in the right space can fade the aesthetics of the room. But don't get confused as we have brought you some the fantastic ideas to implement large format tiles in different spaces to achieve your dream decor system.

Read the following ideas to understand the application strategy of tiles in different spaces.

A Guide To Choosing Large Format Tile Sizes For Different Spaces

1200 x 1200MM Square Tiles For Living Room Floors

Large format square porcelain tiles are one of the most popular and commonly used tiles for living room flooring. The living room being the busiest area of the house requires a durable decor that creates a long-lasting experience and 1200 x 1200MM large format tiles are the perfect choice from every aspect.

If you have a compact space, employ neutral color large format square tiles, and they will provide you an added feel of spaciousness by creating a unified surface. On the other hand, if you possess a larger and wider space, utilize the bold hues and matte finish large format square tiles to build a magical blend of luxury and glamor.

1200x1800MM Slab Tiles For Bathroom Wall

Add bespoke luxury and a rich spa-like feel to your bathroom with the boldness of 1200x1800 MM slab tiles. Establish an artistic and bold impression with light sage slab tiles and hit the style statement in every mark. Large format tiles provide you the freedom to design Hollywood-inspired bathrooms with their uninterrupted sleek design and minimal grout lines.

Moreover, utilizing larger tiles serves you better cleaning and maintenance options for achieving a hygienic atmosphere. Large-format porcelain tiles are perfect for bathroom decor and they have an impervious surface that doesn't absorb moisture. In a nutshell, 1200x1800 MM large format tiles are the perfect choice for your upcoming bathroom.

800x1600MM Porcelain Tiles For Kitchen Countertops

Looking for innovative and flavorsome aesthetics in your kitchen. How good will it be to have a retro style Kitchen with sleek large porcelain tiles on the countertop? Amazing right? Extract the rich flavors of vintage decor and infuse it in your kitchen by installing classy glazed large format porcelain tiles.

The rectangular and expansive format of 800 x 1600MM tiles serves in unified and decluttered countertops that resemble retro kitchens. Along with beauty, these tiles are not behind in functionality. Being made of porcelain, these large format tiles reflect heat and keep the environment cool and comfortable.

Stunning Outdoor Patios With 1600x3200mm Tiles

In recent years, homeowners have prioritized making the outdoors more durable and inviting. Outdoor decor has to tackle heavy foot traffic and ever-changing weather, hence must contain endurance to serve longevity. 1600 x 3200MM full-body slab tiles are considered to be the best in such cases.

Their large expansive surface evenly channels the overall pressure and reduces the risk of cracks and turns. The best thing is, that you can try out different design options of these tiles to make your patios pleasurable along with achieving the necessary longevity. Create a luxurious pool space or a soothing rooftop balcony, with 1600x3200 MM tiles, to suit them all.


From the above discussion, you can easily find an idea regarding the correct use of large format tiles in different spaces. However, large format porcelain tiles are not limited to the above applications and possess a wide range of possibilities. Therefore, discover tile sizes and formats that suit best to your space and stay tuned with us for more such interesting ideas.

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