How To Choose Full Body Tiles For Different Applications?

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How To Choose Full Body Tiles For Different Applications?

Full body tile is the current trend in modern-day home decor. It engraves a lavish appearance and beautiful atmosphere to your interior and exterior as well. But choosing the right full body tiles is important to gain maximum out of it.

So as an experienced full body tiles manufacturer, we are fully eligible to answer this question. Here in this blog, let’s discuss how to choose the best full body vitrified tiles for different applications.

Full Body Tiles For Different Applications

Full body tiles provide a wide range of sizes and design possibilities. Therefore it becomes important to choose the right sizes and design variations for a variety of spaces. Here are a few tips to make your task easy:

Elevating Living Room

Elevating Living Room

The living room is one of the busiest spots in your home and requires careful consideration of tiles for maintaining a long-term charm and welcoming atmosphere. Let's look at how to choose full body vitrified tiles for the living room:

1. Consider 1200x1200mm square tiles for the floor and 800x1200 rectangular tiles for the wall to create a spacious appearance and comfortable environment.

2. If you have a big and open living space with ample lighting go for lightly hued tiles like white, gray, or cream to form a cohesive appearance.

3. Choose the design depending on the theme of the decor. If you love modern style then surely go with tiles with a glazed finish or if you like to include a rustic and vintage look to your home, you should go with wood look porcelain tiles.

Maintaining the Functionality Of the Kitchen

Maintaining the Functionality Of the Kitchen

Full body vitrified tiles provide a variety of applications for a multifunctional space like a kitchen. These tiles can serve as kitchen floorings, backsplashes, countertops, and wall covering.

Therefore, choosing different full body tiles for a variety of applications becomes crucial during building or renovating a kitchen.

1. When it comes to kitchen flooring, you can opt for matte finish full body tiles. These tiles are easy to clean and potentially resistant to scratches and stains.

2. For backsplashes, you should use vitrified full body tiles to avoid the damage caused by heat and oil spills. These tiles serve a unique aesthetic along with durability.

3. In the case of countertops, you can go with full body tiles. These tiles are nonporous from the surface and tremendously resistant to water.

A Cozy Bathroom Decor

A Durable Bathroom Decor

A modern-day bathroom should look classy and the tiles should be durable as well. Therefore, choosing a perfect full body tile is not an easy task. So consider the below points to make an informed decision.

1. To keep the bathroom floor non-slippery and safe, choose a matte finish with full body vitrified tiles. These tiles provide the perfect fusion of beauty and friction for creating a seamless bathroom floor.

2. For the walls, you can opt for marble look full body porcelain tiles to build a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Moreover, if you like to add a trendy touch to your bathroom, you can select the mosaic pattern too.

Creating Durable Exteriors

Creating Cozy Exteriors

The functionality of full body tiles is not limited to interiors. Homeowners are now implementing these tiles outdoors to create beautiful spaces. Let's have a look at what you should consider before selecting tiles for exterior spaces:

1. Choose large format full body tiles that are resistant to wear and tear in different weather conditions.

2. Ensure water resistance tiles, especially when you are going to use them by the poolside flooring.

3. Selecting matt finish tiles will be beneficial in terms of safety and maintenance.

Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, we can say choosing the right full body tiles requires careful consideration and enough knowledge regarding your space and tiles.

Considering the above things, you can transform your space into a luxury oasis by selecting the perfect tiles. But, if you have any doubt regarding the selection, must connect with full-body tiles manufacturer or industry professional for better understanding and guidance.

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