Granite vs Porcelain Tiles: Which is the Best Flooring Option?

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Granite vs Porcelain Tiles: Which is the Best Flooring Option?

Whenever it comes to giving a unique identity to your dream home, tiles play a huge role. Choosing the perfect flooring option has become even more difficult due to the availability of various options. However, Porcelain tiles and Granite stones are the two leading frontiers of this race. One has a great natural appearance and the other presents diverse design possibilities for modern homes. Then which is the suitable decor option for your home?

Well, Today we have a comprehensive discussion and will compare both these options to find the ultimate winner.

Assessing Granite Tiles And Porcelain Tiles On Various Parameters

1. Long Lasting Appearance

Long Lasting Appearance

Granite tiles are natural, inventive stones that provide great texture to your décor. However, issues about their durability constantly emerge. Their surface turns hard and drab fairly fast due to heavy use. As a result, granite tiles are not a good choice for high-traffic areas like living rooms.

Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are well-known for their sturdiness. They go through a rigorous fabrication procedure that gives them their distinctive lifespan. Their high-end durability qualities make them ideal for any setting. As a result, porcelain tiles are our clear winner in this parameter.

2. Vulnerable Options

Vulnerable Options

Porcelain tiles have splendid design options including different patterns, sizes, and colors to meet your design expectations and home aesthetics. You can add a classic vintage look to your home with classic marble look porcelain tiles or you can even go with a modern appearance by using their high gloss designs. In terms of versatile design options, they will never disappoint you.

But granite tiles are the best choice for incorporating a natural appearance into your home. Granite tiles have an earthy texture providing a unique appeal with different color variants such as black, gray, and green. However, they are not customizable according to different themes and offer fewer variations in comparison to Porcelain tiles.

3. Moisture Resistance

Moisture Resistance

Granite being a natural stone has a porous surface on the top. Due to the accumulation of moisture in the core, cracks appear quickly and the risk of bacterial growth also increases. Which limits the functionality of granite tiles in wet areas.

Due to the firing process done while manufacturing porcelain tiles, their surface becomes impervious to moisture. Their absorption rate is below 0.5% which is significantly lower than any other ceramic product.

4. Cost-effectiveness


Granite tiles are more expensive due to the high extraction cost of granite natural stone. Furthermore, granite tiles also consume a lot of installation and time-to-time maintenance. These tiles are heavyweight and require professionals for the installation process. Therefore, these tiles don't serve as friendly options when you have a limited budget.

On the contrary, Porcelain tiles showcase a wide range of affordable options to transform your home. Extraction and processing of porcelain is lower in comparison to granites and acts as a key factor to win over them in terms of cost-effectiveness.

5. Maintenance


Cleaning and maintenance are crucial factors when we are comparing porcelain and granite tiles. Homeowners like options that provide easy and budget-friendly maintenance over a period of time. Porcelain is the ideal choice, ticking all the criteria perfectly. These tiles serve hassle-free maintenance with high-class durability features and require minimal upkeep to maintain a consistent shine and luster.

However, granite tiles are not so welcoming in terms of maintenance and cleaning. Granite tiles require timely maintenance, otherwise, can lose their beautiful shine and texture.


In the wrap up we can say both the options have their unique strengths and weaknesses. However, granite tiles lag behind the race when it comes to major dependable factors. But choosing the perfect tile also depends on other parameters too. Therefore, always select according to your personal requirements.

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