Top 10 Exceptional Ways to Use Subway Tile in a Bathroom

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Top 10 Exceptional Ways to Use Subway Tile in a Bathroom

Designer bathrooms continue to be a popular place to use subway tiles. And there's a valid reason why they're so adored in the design community. In particular, compared to other bathroom surface materials, they are unbelievably economical, traditional, and resilient.

The most remarkable aspect about the subway tile bathroom is that they never go out of style. It is available in various hues and complements classic and modern styles. The finest option for a bathroom that will look beautiful and maintain its aesthetic value over time is subway tile.

The options are endless, whether you want to use an intense color, grout that contrasts, dabble with patterns, or keep things simple. So here, we're emphasizing the 10 uses of the subway tile bathroom that can feature in both classic and modern settings.

10 Stunning Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

The best ways to utilize subway tile to make your bathroom more vibrant are as follows:

1. Select a Herringbone Layout

In terms of subway tile bathroom designs, herringbone is one of the most classic patterns. This pattern in subway bathroom tile provides another level of aesthetic sophistication and makes a focal point in your bathroom. When combined with neutrals, subway tile could be as timeless and simple as a repetitive bond design. A typical herringbone pattern can also be set in a straight line, giving your creation a more geometrical appearance.

2. Use a Dark or Neutral Grout

Use a Dark or Neutral Grout

Using grout with a darker or neutral colour helps hide filth and is less likely to discolour as quickly as grout with a lighter colour, which is another excellent method to use a subway tile bathroom. Grout that is dark or neutral and emphasizes the earth tones found throughout the space. Even though it is as bold and graphic, it substantially changes the piece's look and feel.

Additionally, The light grout can make the bathroom seem better by making the light-coloured tiles appear even lighter. But even after sealing, light grout might eventually turn black, change colour or stain. So, stains can be hidden by dark grout, keeping your area looking cleaner. Darker grout usually looks nicer and requires less care.

3. Mix Tile With Wallpaper

Mix Tile With Wallpaper

A combination of conventional shapes, like the subway, marble hexagon, and pennies round mosaic tile, can all function together and yet appear on-trend. Surprisingly, the vibrant hues and fanciful patterns of the subway bathroom tiles are not as overpowering as you might anticipate. The contemporary design is completed with contrasting grout on the vanity backsplash, three double-bulb sconces, and a flat front cabinet with integrated knobs. This mashup pattern gives a more natural appearance.

4. Go Vertical

Go Vertical

A vertical configuration creates the illusion of a higher shower than the traditional horizontal one. Additionally, subway tile for a shower that is vertically inclined naturally attracts the eye upward, optically widening a tiny bathroom and giving it a contemporary vibe. A vertical subway tile bathroom might appear to be higher, which elongates the room overall. A bathroom with a low ceiling may appear larger as a result.

5. Contrast With the Floors

Contrast With the Floors

A subway bathroom tile and a floor that contrasts with it just make the area feel more opulent. While the unconventional floor tile adds an unusual and futuristic touch, the dark blue-grey door and gold accessories give off a more classic vibe. A bathroom with subway tile is a great choice for creating the impression of more space. The room will be improved with its new magnificence by making contrast matching of various tiles.

6. Keep it Simple and Subtle

Keep it Simple and Subtle

The subway tile bathroom design includes stunning features that add depth while keeping it simple. Without going beyond in terms of visual craziness, it generates on the wall. Your bathroom may seem more appealing and interesting installing it simply. Such tile designs are more durable than other elegant and designable tiles. Additionally, those who want something plain and are struggling with their finances may easily adopt this tiling style.

7. Contrast With Flooring

Contrast With Flooring

Make your kitchen more interesting by mixing up the flooring with your subway tiles. Try using a different material or colour for the floor tiles to make the space feel richer. For instance, you match white subway tiles with dark hardwood floors for a strong contrast or go for lighter tiles to blend in with the white tiles.

This mix-and-match approach adds excitement to your kitchen's design, making it look more dynamic and appealing overall.

8. Think Like an Artist

Think Like an Artist

When planning your kitchen backsplash or wall with subway tiles, unleash your inner artist. Think creatively and experiment by mixing two patterns like herringbone or basket weave to bring depth and texture to the area.

Don't shy away from mixing different tile sizes or colours to craft a design that's uniquely yours. By embracing your artistic side, you'll craft a subway tile layout that's unlike any other, turning your kitchen into a personalized masterpiece.

9. Go Halfsies With Half-Tiled Walls

Go Halfsies With Half-Tiled Walls

To give your kitchen a modern update using subway tiles, try a half-tiled wall approach. Instead of tiling the entire wall, just tile the lower half or a section of it.

This design adds a fresh touch to your kitchen while keeping the classic appeal of subway tiles. Combine half-tiled walls with matching paint colours or wallpaper to finish off the look and make your kitchen more visually appealing.

10. Indulge With Metallic Accents

Indulge With Metallic Accents

Enhance your kitchen's style by adding a bit of luxury with metallic touches alongside subway tiles. Use tiles with a metallic finish or add brass or copper trim to your subway tile setup.

These shiny details reflect light and bring a touch of elegance to the room, making the overall design look more upscale. Whether you want a subtle touch of metal or a bold statement, adding metallic accents is a fashionable way to upgrade your subway tile kitchen design.

Final Words

Anyone seeking a classic design that will never go out of style should choose a subway bathroom tile. Its modern appearance has been a favourite for more than a century, and its prevalence is certainly here to stay. Subway tile is a trend that won't go out of style shortly. We hope this blog has provided you with some fantastic ideas or patterns that you may utilize in your bathroom.

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