Comprehensive Guide to Full Body Tiles for Your Home Renovation

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Comprehensive Guide to Full Body Tiles for Your Home Renovation

Looking to renovate your home using full body tiles? If yes, then that's a great idea. But before implementing anything you always need to have a good knowledge about the product. So, do you know everything about full-body tiles?

If not, Read this blog and understand why full body tiles can be a great choice for your upcoming projects.

Everything You Need To Know About Full Body Tiles

1. How Are These Tiles Manufactured?

Full body tiles have a unique manufacturing process that involves a magical mix of technology and conventional methods. These tiles are crafted using natural raw materials like clay, feldspar, quartz, and silica. The homogeneous mixture made from these raw materials is subjected to a hydraulic press for shaping the tiles.

Thereafter, the unmatured tiles underwent a double firing process to gain the desirable durable and luxuriously smooth finish. Hence, full body tiles are an ideal option for home decor if you are looking forward to eco-friendly choices.

2. Availability Of Different Size Formats

With the increasing demand for full body tiles, manufacturers are now providing a wide range of choices in sizes and formats to fulfil customers' demands. Do you know that there are nearly 16+ variations of full-body tiles involving only the sizes and formats? Here we have listed a few examples of these:

  • 600x600 Standard Square full body tiles
  • 600x800 Standard Rectangular Full Body Tiles
  • 800x1200 Large Format Vertical Full Body Tiles
  • 1200x1200 Large Format Square Full Body Tiles

Tips To Choose The Right Size?

  • Accurately measure the area where the tiles are needed to be installed.
  • Consult with the manufacturer regarding which tile sizes will be perfect for your space.
  • Examine design aspects and tile ratios.
  • Create a design layout before installation.

3. Application Of Full Body Tiles

The application of full body tiles is the most interesting segment that you should know before implementation. This is because most of homeowners consider that full body tiles are only used for flooring and wall coverings.

But the truth is these tiles showcase a vast range of applications in both residential and commercial spaces. Here we have some of the common examples,

  • Backsplashes in the bedroom to improve the aesthetics.
  • Statement walls in luxurious homes and commercial spaces for creating grandeur.
  • Durable countertops in the kitchen area to serve long-lasting beauty.
  • Flooring of outdoor patios to provide a durable and eye-catching atmosphere.

How Do These Tiles Create A Feel Of Extra Spaciousness?

Full-body tiles can elevate comfort in your homes by establishing an effect of extra spaciousness. Their streamlined structure is the reason behind this. Their enlarged surface effectively reflects light and builds an atmosphere where the space looks wide and cosy. Now here are some tips on how you can implement this property and effectively in different spaces:

  • If you have a small and compact space, use full body tiles on both wall and floor. The cohesive appearance of tiles will cut down the feel of a cluttered view and make a space look more comfortable and large.
  • For large residential and commercial spaces, you can go for light-coloured full-body tiles to enhance the grandeur of the space.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, full body tiles represent a great choice for modern-day homes and serve a wide range of benefits for both residential and commercial spaces. Hope you have liked these insights. Stay tuned with us to learn more about tiles.

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