7 Compelling Reasons To Choose Large Format Porcelain Tiles

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7 Compelling Reasons To Choose Large Format Porcelain Tiles

In recent times, homeowners are focusing more on luxurious and versatile interiors that provide their homes with a contemporary appearance without lacking the much-needed durability. Especially in terms of tiles that play one of the key roles in setting the decor for your home and also a strong foundation. But tiles are available in a diverse range of variants, which one is perfect for you? Well, for achieving a regal look and exceptional durability at the same time, large format porcelain tiles can be the best answer for your search.

In this blog, we will give 7 reasons to consider large format porcelain tiles for your dream home or project. We will evaluate them on different parameters and bring you the best reasons why you should choose them. Let's get started then.

What Are Large Format Porcelain Tiles?

What Are Large Format Porcelain Tiles?

Large format Porcelain tiles are extra large ceramic tiles that have an expansive surface coverage in comparison to standard tile sizes commonly used for flooring and wall applications. Their large dimensions with enlarged surfaces provide space continuity and a seamless appearance creating a clean and seamless decor. These tiles also provide diversification in terms of sizes by providing different size options such as 800x1600mm, 800x2400mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x1800mm and more.

Top 6 Reasons To Consider Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Now that you have a clear understanding of large format porcelain tiles, let's check out the top reasons to consider them for your upcoming projects.

1. Seamless and Sophisticated Look

Seamless and Sophisticated Look

Large format porcelain tiles have a large surface and cover the floor or wall in a cohesive manner creating a continuous decor. The sheer dimensions of these tiles radiate luxury and elegance by forming a visual contrast and elevating the space decor.

These tiles form a sense of continuity across the floor and wall, making them flow seamlessly from one area to another. Whether it's a living room or a hallway they will leave you with a visually harmonious decor with a cozy atmosphere.

Examples of Stunning Decor Ideas:

Calming Coastal Retreat: Imagine a bathroom or spa adorned with large format porcelain tiles that mimic the serene look of ocean-inspired hues and natural stone textures.

Industrial Chic Loft: In a loft-style apartment or contemporary office space, large format tiles resembling concrete or exposed brick can be used on both floors and walls.

2. Offers Visual Serenity

Offers Visual Serenity

Having fewer grout lines during installation is one of the biggest advantages of large format porcelain tiles. Fewer grout lines play an essential role in creating a visually enhanced space without any kind of interruption or glitches. With few and narrow grout lines you will get a unified surface that forms an illusion of optical expansion and improves spaciousness.

Therefore large porcelain tiles are able to create a sophisticated ambiance by systematic the overall space to drive equal focus on other interiors. The absence of disjointed lines improves the flow of the zone and builds up harmony throughout the entire space.

3. Timeless Elegance and Versatility

Timeless Elegance and Versatility

Large porcelain tiles give you the freedom to experiment with a wide range of design ideas to achieve your dream decor space. Having a large and spacious surface it breathes life to innovative themes and styles in different spaces. Their versatility has no bounds as they can be used in diverse settings starting from a luxurious living room floor to creating an outdoor oasis.

Here are some other applications of large format porcelain tiles for different spaces in your home:

Backsplashes: Large format tiles serve as stunning backsplashes for your kitchen to transform it into a culinary heaven.

Countertops: Using large tiles for countertops will give you extra space for organizing your essentials and building up a more comfortable area.

Parking spaces: Large porcelain tiles being highly durable can be used in parking spaces for achieving longevity. It can easily withstand heavy wear and tear due to its deep and dense surface.

4. Highly Durable

Highly Durable

The Large porcelain tiles are manufactured using a very tough process to achieve unbeatable durability and endurance. These tiles undergo extreme temperatures and pressure to gain a dense appearance. The larger format of these tiles makes them even more stronger and durable in comparison to other decorative materials such as marble.

These tiles can easily withstand heavy foot traffic without chipping or breaking making them a suitable choice for both indoors and outdoors. Large format tiles also don't face any challenges in high or low-temperature atmospheres.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Large format tiles offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners and businesses seeking to elevate their spaces with a touch of sophistication. By covering a larger area with fewer tiles, material costs are significantly reduced, making it a budget-friendly option for various projects. The streamlined installation process, owing to fewer grout lines and adhesive usage, further contributes to overall savings on labor expenses.

Moreover, the tiles' durability and resistance to wear and tear ensure minimal maintenance costs over time, eliminating the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Their energy-efficient properties, both in terms of temperature regulation and light reflection, lead to potential reductions in heating, cooling, and lighting expenses, offering a long-term cost-effective choice that doesn't compromise on style or functionality.

6. Low Maintenance And Cleaning

Having fewer tiles in your space makes cleaning and maintenance hassle-free for you. Their tough non-porous surface is resistant to water absorption and helps you in creating a hygienic atmosphere without intensive cleaning. They prevent the formation of mold and mildew which is particularly beneficial for wet areas like the bathroom.

Their surface prevents the accumulation of dust and debris so that you can keep them clean with minimal efforts like sweeping or vacuum cleaning. Large format tiles are also resistant to scratches and stains which reduces the requirement for frequent maintenance.


Looking at all the above reasons we can say that large format porcelain tiles serve as one of the best options for luxurious and durable decor. Starting from their seamless integration to an extensive range of collections, they provide you with endless possibilities for creating mesmerizing decor in your home. Whether you are looking to create durable flooring or a stunning focal point in your space, these tiles can stand out as the best in your findings.

Although we have seen the exceptional qualities of large format tiles, it is necessary to remember that quality products replicate from quality manufacturers. Therefore choosing a renowned and trustworthy tiles manufacturer is very important to get the best tiles delivered to your space.

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