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Awesome Subway Tile Ideas For Kitchen You'll Love

An Introduction To The Subway Tiles

White rectangular tiles known as ‘subway tiles’ or 'metro tiles' were first produced and applied to the exterior of the New York Subway in the early twentieth century. It is getting increasingly popular to install subway tiles into feature walls and backsplashes, as well as combine them with other types of design elements for a stunning look.

The significance of subway/metro tiles is in how they are arranged and the rhythms that are made using various patterns, such as brick, herringbone, etc., to provide a unique style and appearance. When installed properly, these tile complements a variety of interior designs, from a casual to a traditional aesthetic.

Why are Subway Tiles So Popular For Kitchens?

Due to their ease of cleaning, subway tiles are most frequently used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms nowadays. The polished texture also aids light reflection which makes your tiny space look larger, making it ideal for small spaces.

More importantly, in a modern kitchen, we emphasize hygiene and cleanliness as they certainly are the most important factors in leading a good and healthy life. Both of these important elements of a modern kitchen can be achieved if you install subway tiles in your kitchen.

The metro tiles have a glazed finish along with a glossy look. More importantly, they are stain-resistant (an important feature every kitchen requires). Even during the Victorian era subway tiles earned it reputation for being sanitary and pragmatic for these hygiene-oriented features.

Since white is a neutral colour that draws attention to the objects put around it, it is available in a wide range of designs and patterns. Also, there are many possible colour schemes to choose from for subway tile kitchen with white being the dominant colour.

The designer can produce a close-to-3D impression when viewed from a given angle by combining distinct qualities from the tiles and grout patterns, and the contemporary feel could be increased by the contrast of the darker grout colour.

The laying patterns and grout colours that are used to decorate the walls of kitchens all around the world make subway tiles one of the greatest tiles for adding a unique touch to a place. Not to mention, these tiles are available in a variety of materials including marble and glass, therefore, you will certainly find numerous options to choose from.

Creative Ideas For Your Subway Tile Kitchen Designs

Avoid aversion to color

A herringbone floor in a well-lit kitchen echoes old-world European elegance, giving you the impression that your floor is indeed a piece of art. The subway kitchen patterned tiles create a strong statement while maintaining a traditional look when contrasted with dazzling white walls and cabinetry.

Use the farmhouse setting

It's impossible to go wrong with a subway tile kitchen, and people adore how this kitchen combines various glossy and grainy, warm and cold, surfaces. There's no need to deviate from the norm because the backsplash, which is surrounded by dark wooden frames and cement counters, stands out because of its brilliant white tiles and darkish grout.

Consider a traditional approach

Nothing is more timeless than a blue kitchen. This subway tile kitchen receives a distinctive, vibrant boost from a cement tile backsplash.

Explore a dark setting

A dark tile backsplash provides a perfect atmosphere for nighttime gatherings. In any subway tile kitchen, the slim, polished sheen of the black penny tiles just beats out the stylish chrome shelving and bar-top elements.

Experiment with the kitchen floor

A cozy, simple kitchen might well be given appeal with the help of a subway-tiled floor. A little design can go a long way, and the floor's smaller scale repetition gives the room an overarching richness right away.

Ensure clarity and brightness

White kitchens are always in trend, as seen by the one at Lauren Conrad's Pacific Palisades residence. Floating shelves contribute to the overall lighter feel, and the white cabinets set against the lovely white backsplash are certainly extraordinary.

Construct a colour story

Leave hardwoods out. With matching grey-blue cabinets, the stylish pirouettes pattern creates a cohesive colour narrative and instantly adds a wow factor to the room. The tiling pattern in a blue kitchen will leave you speechless.

Modify patterns

The backsplash made of tile in Nina Dobrev's kitchen is anything from ordinary. Strong black-and-white polygonal tiles significantly interfere with smoother pale-blue cabinetry and the herringbone-pattern floor of a white subway tile kitchen. This particular utilitarian kitchen room is finished off with a few arcs from warm wood decorations and copper equipment.

Try some graphic design elements

Many spaces, including kitchens, may benefit from the classic colour combination of black and white. A black-and-white graphic tiling at the house of actress Sasha Alexander perfectly balances the relaxed beige patterns around the kitchen with clear contradiction.

Tile twice as many

Beautiful tiles from Blue Copper Design cover two portions of a coastal-chic kitchen: the island and the backsplash, which feature pearly diagonal tiles. This kitchen design feels very cosy and inviting because of the double tiles.

Choose contrast

A neutral subway tile can offer subtle, natural levels of colour inside a patterned design if your subway tile kitchen style leans more toward the earthy side. The monochromatic kitchen design is connected by the varying shades in this textured backsplash between the bright and dark components.

Switch to penny tiles

A lot of people are big fans of penny tiles. They made a welcome reappearance with updated modern touches after enjoying some success in the early 20th century. You can also use the same in your kitchen.

Give a classic flare

Try a new perspective for a novel spin on a traditional subway tile kitchen. An understated take on a traditional backsplash is produced by combining lateral and vertical subway tiles.

In a little space, think big

It could feel like a large commitment to install a patterned subway tile kitchen, so start small. For instance, the pattern can be rather striking in any specific tiny corner, but because of the size of the space, it feels more modest and runs brilliantly.

Try additional shine

Any bright kitchen can keep the rest of the area matte and subdued. Here the exception can be the glistening glass tiles of the kitchen walls. A little shine may occasionally have a tremendous impact.

To sum it up, subway tile kitchen are not only efficient in providing a contemporary and stylish look to your kitchen but at the same time, they can offer you cleanliness and a hygienic environment which is essential for a modern kitchen. In case of a splash, or stains you will be easily able to wipe them from the subway tiles.

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